Raise more funds and take your Football Margin Tickets to the next level.

Join clubs all across Australia and use Marginbuddy to easily sell your football margin tickets online.

Take the hassle out of your Football Margin Tickets

Let us do all the hard work for you -
each week we:


person handing out a football margin ticket to group of people

Generate and email users their football margin tickets.


person collecting payments for football margin ticket

Collect the payments from users that have joined your fundriaser.


person paying the winning margin ticket holder

Handle paying the winning ticket holder for you.

photo of a football margin tiket fundraiser held with marginbuddy

Great benefits that help you raise more funds, and save time:

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Sell your Football Margin Tickets to anyone, anywhere.

Because MarginBuddy is 100% online, you can sell your tickets with anyone in the world.

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You can sell more than 100 margin-tickets per a week.

Have an unlimited amount of people join your fundraiser! Meaning the amount of money you can raise has no limit.

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Automatic delivery of Margin Tickets each week.

No longer waste time having to meet up with everyone to hand out their Football Margin Tickets.

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We handle all payments (including paying the winners) each week.

Relax and focus on other important things. Each week MarginBuddy will collect the funds from everyone involved in your funraiser. We'll even handle paying the winning ticket holder for you.

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No need to waste funds on physical Margin Tickets.

MarginBuddy is 100% free to sign up and doesn't charge to host a fundraiser.

Helping groups from all over Australia raise funds

Tiny Tackers, Hobart.

$490 raised for Guide Dogs Of Tasmania

"It was super easy to setup and start raising funds with Marginbuddy. Best of all we didnt have to waste any funds purchasing Margin Tickets and will be using them every year going forward."

photo of people (tiny tackers) that held a football margin ticket fundriaser with marginbuddy

How Marginbuddy works in 3 easy steps

Step one:

Create & share your online fundraiser

Create a fundraiser and share it online for anyone to join in on the fun.

person creating a football margin ticket fundraiser
a example of a football marginticket

Step Two:

Each week users that have joined your fundrasier are emailed their Margin Ticket

Hassle free, we randomly generate and email users their football margin ticket each week for you.

Step Three:

Collect your funds at the end of the AFL season!

Regardless of how many winners you had, for each football margin ticket sold, you raise $1 dollar. Just update your bank details in the account settings page and we will deposit the money directly to you.

person collecting their funndraiser money

Sell an unlimited amount of Margin Tickets

Free to sign up, and for every ticket sold, you raise $1. Participants are generated a ticket for each round of the AFL but can cancel their subscription anytime.

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