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Join clubs all across Australia and use Marginbuddy to easily sell your football margin tickets online.

Start raising funds in 3 easy steps:


Create & Share Your Fundraiser with the world


Sit Back And Relax, Each Week We:

Collect all payments from participants that have joined your fundriaser.

Generate and email users their Football Margin Tickets.

Handle paying the winning ticket holders for you.


Simply Collect your funds at the end of the AFL season.


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Sell your MarginTickets to anyone, anywhere.

Because MarginBuddy is 100% online, you can share your fundraiser with anyone in the world. Have family in another state that wants to join in on the fun? MarginBuddy makes that possible.

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Automatic delivery of Margin Tickets each week.

Save time and no longer worry about meeting up with everyone to hand out their Football Margin Tickets.

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We handle all payments (including paying the winners) each week.

Relax and focus on other important things. Each week MarginBuddy will collect the funds from everyone involved in your funraiser. We'll even handle paying the winning ticket holder for you.

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Sell more than 100 Margin Tickets per a round.

Sell more football margin tickets each week! With Marginbuddy you can have an unlimited amount of people join a fundraiser! Meaning the amount of money you can raise has no limit

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For each Ticket sold, you're guaranteed $1 your club.

Regardless of how many winners there are, for each football margin ticket sold via your fundraiser, you're always going to raise 1 dollar (AUD).

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No more physical Margin Tickets.

MarginBuddy is 100% free to sign up and only charges a small transactional fee on each purchase of a Margin Ticket.

Raise unlimited Funds

For every ticket sold, you raise $1. Participants are generated a ticket for each round of the AFL but can cancel their subscription anytime.

You Can Raise:


For 250 participants that join your fundraiser

Helping great organisations raise funds

Backed by the largest payment providers in the wolrd with Stripe.com and Paypal, rest easy knowing that your funds are safe.

How Do Football Margin Tickets Work?

Step 1

Join A Fundraiser

Create an account and join the selected fundraiser. All payments are handled by Stripe/Paypal so you can rest easy knowing your funds are safe.

Step 2

Each week you are emailed a random number between 1 and 100.

This number is your Football Margin Ticket. Each ticket will be for a selected AFL game.

Step 3

Win 100 Dollars (aud) if your number matches the margin of the selected AFL Game

Using the 2021 AFL Grand Final as an example:

Melbourne scored 140 points, and Western Bulldogs scored 66 points. So the winning margin was 74 points:

140 (Melbournes Score) - 66 (Western Bulldogs Score) = 74

Therefore, the user's tickets that were 74 would be declared winners and receive $100 AUD!

Step 4

All left over funds goes to the fundraiser!

So even if you didn't win this week, you still have next week. But best of all, you are helping a great cause raise funds.

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