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A Little About Us

Started in late 2018, MarginBuddy is a small start-up trying to help clubs sell more football Margin Tickets.

Hosting our first fundraiser in 2018, we've grown strength to strength and are looking to help out more clubs Australia wide with their Margin Tickets.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Football Margin Tickets Work?

Each Football Margin Ticket is assigned a number between 1-100. If your Margin Tickets number matches the point difference of the selected AFL game you win $100 dollars.

For Example, take the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne VS Western Builldogs.

The final score was:

Melbourne: 140 Defeats Western Builldogs: 66

140 (Melbournes Score) - 66 (Western Builldogs Score) = A Margin of 74.

Therefore the winning Football Margin Ticket was 74.

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