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What is a Football Margin Ticket?


Essendon Vs North Melbourne

Round 12, Friday March 03, 2020

Simply put, a football margin ticket is a randomly generated number between 1 and 100. In the above example, that number is 60.

If that number matches the winning margin of the game it's for, then you have a winning ticket and win a $100 cash prize!

For Example: If Essendon score 90 points, and North Melbourne score 30 points, the winning margin is 60 points (90 - 30). Therefore, the above ticket holder would be declared a winner and receive $100 AUD!

How Do Football Margin Tickets Work?

Step 1

Join A Fundraiser

Create an account and join the selected fundraiser. All payments are handled by Stripe/Paypal so you can rest easy knowing your funds are safe.

Step 2

Each week you are emailed a random number between 1 and 100.

This number is your Football Margin Ticket. Each ticket will be for a selected AFL game.

Step 3

Win 100 Dollars (aud) if your number matches the margin of the selected AFL Game

Using the 2021 AFL Grand Final as an example:

Melbourne scored 140 points, and Western Bulldogs scored 66 points. So the winning margin was 74 points:

140 (Melbournes Score) - 66 (Western Bulldogs Score) = 74

Therefore, the user's tickets that were 74 would be declared winners and receive $100 AUD!

Step 4

All left over funds goes to the fundraiser!

So even if you didn't win this week, you still have next week. But best of all, you are helping a great cause raise funds.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Football Margin Tickets Work?

Each Football Margin Ticket is assigned a number between 1-100. If your Margin Tickets number matches the point difference of the selected AFL game you win $100 dollars.

For Example, take the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne VS Western Builldogs.

The final score was:

Melbourne: 140 Defeats Western Builldogs: 66

140 (Melbournes Score) - 66 (Western Builldogs Score) = A Margin of 74.

Therefore the winning Football Margin Ticket was 74.

we’ve helped fund great organisation

So no matter why you are raising funds, Football Margin Tickets are a great solution.When users signs up for your fundraiser, they sign up for the entire season, which means you raise more money overall than a single donation.

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